Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sexypx?

Sexypx is an ideal web platform for adding your own pictures and sharing them with your friends on social media networks, forums and websites.

What are the best features?

Advanced online picture editing directly in your browser window

Extremely fast networking and 100% availability worldwide

Creating your own galleries with tags and descriptions

You can comment and rate the content of other users

Do I have to be registered to add a picture?

No. But for creating albums, editing photos, rating and commenting and most of the other features you need to.

What kind of content and pictures cannot be added on Sexypx?

Content that is copyrighted and/or against the U.S. law or good morals.
For more detailed information please see our Terms of service.
Erotic and pornographic content must be labelled.

Can my pictures get deleted?

No. If the content does not violate our rules they are stored permanently.

Who can see my pictures? Sexypx offers three levels of availability:

Do you have any other questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact us here: